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"The Key" Pendant Necklace

"The Key" Pendant Necklace

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"Love is just like a lock, but the one true key will always come into your view someday.

Open the gate of your heart, and step on your journey of love."

Product features

This stylish necklace was designed with some popular elements.

  • Key Shape,
  • 925 Sterling Silver,
  • Moissanite,
  • Romance and elegance combine to create this stunning necklcae.

It is set with an 1 Carat MOISSANITE stone at the center, which has a blinking effect of eight hearts & arrows.

Meaning: The key can open each other's heart- Let you walk into each other's heart, and love each other for life.

This fashionable sliver Key necklace adopts a unique design concept, which further enhances the beauty of women.

You can wear it alone or mix & match with other jewellery to show your personal style. Very lightweight and comfortable to wear.A graceful, elegant design that proudly proclaims your commitment, this necklace will both thrill and delight her.

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